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    Finding a pillow 

    pillows for sleepMy head, oh my head, how it pains me so.  So much more than you can ever know.  Each night I go to bed and rest.  But really sleep is no fun, it is a test.

    I try to fall asleep quickly, and when I do, I’m not discouraged, I’m thinking of you.

    You not a lover, nor a friend, you is a Best Saatva luxury firm mattress review as my test!

    Why the poem?

    Friends, falling asleep quickly really comes down to one item for me, the pillow.  Everyone always says that a bed, or how you spend the day, or even a mattress is the most important thing.  I just watched some reviews of Saatva mattresses, and it was all so lame and not true.  Absolutely not true, and I’m very upset that these lies are being propagated around the nation.

    Pillows are what really support the head, neck, and shoulders.  No mattress can do that, our body just isn’t shaped properly.  A well placed pillow also aligns the spine and stabilizes the legs.  Sounds like the pillows are doing all the hard work, why does everyone still talk about mattresses?

    Friends, the pillow revolution is coming.  No, I’m not talking about pillow tops for mattresses.  I hope that’s clear now.  I’m saying pure pillow magic time.  This unappreciated sleep accessory is finally going to have its day, and that day is now.

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    Breast Implants turn me on 

    Breast enhancementSo yeah, I’m that guy. I love a good boob job, breast enhancement, whatever you want to call it.  And I’m not talking about downsizing, I’m talking about bulking up.  Taking that C cup by the horns and riding it all throughout the night.  Plastic surgeons are like Batman or Superman to me, my super heroes that always save the day.  Thanks guys.

    There’s just something special about a girl who takes action as well.  Plenty of girls are not happy about it, and just whine whine whine.  If you’re unhappy, do something about it.  If you’re fat, go on a diet.  If you’ve got ugly hair, go get a haircut.  If you don’t like your boobs, go get a breast enhancement.  Plenty of girls near me have gotten a breast enhancement in New Albany OH, some small stupid town that no one has ever heard of.  If they’re doing it here, girls across the globe should be doing it, and that’s a fact.

    Honestly, I don’t see any reason why you wouldn’t do it.  I mean it’s safe, right?  You never hear about a boob job going wrong, either medically or visually.  It’s not like a face lift, which can leave you looking like a freak.  It always turns out well, and it’s always appreciated.  I guess the cost could be prohibitive for some, but really, is there any other investment that will have such a great return?  It’s not like you can put some money in the stock market and garner the attention of every man, EVER.  I just really recommend this practice, I think it’s a wonderful thing. Check out some great information I found at Plasticity Health.

    I had a girlfriend a few years ago who got a breast enhancement while we were dating.  She broke up with me about 2 months later because she was getting so much attention.  And I mean, good for her.  She decided she wanted to trade up, and she did something about it.  I wasn’t the happiest at the time, but I’m glad she took a step to become more confident and happy.  And generally, my philosophy is, the more fake boobs in this world, the better.

    In the end, it’s better to be happy with yourself than not make a change and remain unhappy, and I’ll stick to that.  And as a man in this world, I definitely appreciate a big busty gal.  Go for it ladies!



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