Be friends with girls

Why is this never me?

I know what you’re thinking, you are always trying to get out of the friend zone.  Which is a terrible epidemic I’ve experienced in my life for sure.  But then lies the question, what if you don’t have that issue?  I happen to be a super charming male who rarely ends up in the friend zone, and always piss off these girls!  I hang out with her a few times, in groups, sometimes alone, and I don’t date them; what do I do?  I still like them, I’d still like to have a relationship with these women, I just don’t want to date them.  Yet I always end up being the bad guy, being the guy that lead the girl on, the total jackass that doesn’t realize he’s doing it, whatever.  Seems weekly at this point, and I’m pissed about it.

So I’m asking the question…how do I get INTO the friend zone?  And stay there?  And still get to spend time with girls, discuss interesting aspects of their lives, have a real relationship?  I get, for a lot of guys this is the dumbest question you can ask…but I value relationships, and I want to make great ones, with both guys and girls (and yes, I see how making comments like that doesn’t help my case).

So what are the steps?  I’m not going to ugly myself up, because that would just be creepy/weird and that would hurt when I actually do want to get with a girl.  I can try to be less outgoing?  More outgoing?  Annoying more frequently?

The best advice I’ve gotten is to get a girlfriend and flaunt her all over the place…but it seems weird to get a girlfriend just so that you can make other friends that are girls.  In fact I’m sure that would make it even more difficult with weird jealous issues – plus again just kind of creepy.

So what say you internet people, any ideas?  Any guidance on this friend issue I’m dealing with?  Would love to hear some suggestions.  And no trolls por favor, I’m serious about this issue.

Dating Paladin