Cat Skills 101 | Introduction to the Soul of Cats 

artnsoulofthecatskillsCat Skills 101

Cats are a very interesting species. The animal can sneak into areas undetected and steal food without being noticed. This stealth like ability makes the animal a top contender in the wild.

Cats also have the ability to fall on all four of their legs whenever they fall.  This has been the source of the nine lives myth where people have been amazed by the heights that cats drop from.

Night vision is another attribute that cats are blessed with. As a predator in the night this helps the cats search, find, and capture their prey.  Many times the prey don’t even see the cat coming since their night vision is not as strong as cats.

Cats are also really resilient and adaptable in their environments. When a cat is introduced to a new place or territory it immediately prowls and analyzes the area to identify how it will protect and survive in it.

Cat Kryptonite

Amont the things that are toxic to cats are things like chocolate which causes diarrhea and other gastrointestinal issues. Grapes and Raisins are also damaging to the kidneys of cats. Foods that contain sulfoxides and disulfides also cause issues in cats.  These foods include garlic onions and other ingredients. Mushrooms and other fungi are toxic to cats, especially those found in the backyard. Macadamia nuts should also be kept out of a cats diet to avoid vomiting and muscle spasms.